How Frunk Bar Disposables Can Help You To Quit Smoking

The choice to get ready to stop smoking is tough and some choose to rely on their friends, family and even significant other to help them. If the person will help, it can be quite challenging, yet some people with a need to quit are lucky enough to be able to quit smoking with the help of their friends. It is one of the things that can be hard to deal with and some smokers quit with their loved ones. Unfortunately, they often fear that the smoking is going to continue and only they will stop. When this happens, they end up losing another important member in the family. A large risk that can be connected to the smoking is the rate at which lung cancer can form in the body. It is a medical condition that affects almost all men, however the risk is greatly increased in women who smoke while pregnant and those who have ever smoked.

It is good to know that smoking is bad for you. But what is the exact cause? For you to really understand, you need to understand exactly how it happens. Smoking is not harmful to your heart or lungs, however it definitely is not good for your immune system. Nicotine is the main ingredient of cigarettes and gets into your bloodstream from the lungs and affects your brain as well. It plays havoc with the overall functioning of the body and causes withdrawal symptoms to some smokers after stopping. After quitting, there are many things that can be achieved such as: Vaping

It is interesting to note that there is a statistically high rate of lung cancer for each year of smoking. When it was discovered that second hand smoke can act as a precursor for lung cancer, the federal government made the goal of eliminating third-hand smoke from the workplace. This was part of a broader effort to reduce lung cancer. Since then, many companies have reduced their cigarette smoking rates, such as Philip Morris International. The cost to the economy of having a lung cancer rate of 2.3 people per 100,000 is estimated to be $136 billion in 2010, and approximately $31 billion in 2010.

It is surprising that people do not discuss the potential risk that vaping poses to their health, as this will most likely start discussions and awareness that will help us to stop smoking. The very first step to stopping smoking is to stop doing something that gives you an unnatural high. There are a number of types of cigarettes, one of the most popular and cheapest to purchase is regular cigarettes. Each cigarette pack contains between 7 and 12 cigarettes, depending on the size and flavor that are available. Some brands contain up to 25 cigarettes. It is very hard to pack down your own cigarette since it burns so hot. They burn from a very small amount of material that fits on the end of the tobacco. The remaining material burns extremely fast, even in air. The smoke is like what comes out of a fire-bomb. Some say it will give you a hit so powerful it feels like you just blew a hole in your chest and some say they can feel it on their fingers and in their mouth. There is a rumor going around that it is more addictive than crack cocaine, however the effects last a very short time, often less than a single hit.

If you don’t know what you are smoking, it is hard to determine what is in it. If you are smoking “k-low grade” you will have a light brown residue. Some people have been known to say that the material is just like a piece of chicken skin.(4)K-low grade is normally known for being “indoor” cigarette tobacco. When it is smoked indoors it is usually wrapped in filters to avoid second hand smoke. K-low grade often contains in the tobacco woody and bitter tasting chemicals that are sometimes added to help it stay moist and not go bad. In 2012 there were 31 million packs sold in the U.S.

If you are on a cigarette fix or a cigarette lifetime, you can jumpstart your own recovery journey by avoiding smoking. Frunk Bar recommends purchasing these full health tools and apply them to the inside of your mouth. Although nicotine is found in tobacco, it is no longer the active ingredient. Instead the main chemical responsible for nicotine is called cotinine. also offers a full list of over 40 vitamins and minerals that can be integrated into your daily lifestyle. This makes you aware of every single nutrient that’s built into your daily diet and daily lifestyle. There are also some products that are specifically designed to help nicotine withdrawal, including the ReAct Vape pen, that does it without having to pay for a nicotine replacement device. Some product variations are available to accommodate a different nicotine level than the original. In some cases a more intense nicotine level might be added as well.

If you are a smoker who has decided to quit, you are most likely having withdrawal symptoms like your usual drowsiness, or possibly even vomiting. It will not be fun. Even if you are addicted to cigarettes, you’re likely wondering, what would my life be like without them? It would be very boring, and very sad. You would not be able to be with someone, and enjoy those special times, those beautiful memories with your loved ones. You would not be able to enjoy the life that you love, as you’d simply have a lot less of it. This is why choosing an alternative to smoking is so important. Despite a very recent increase in the e-cigarette industry, which has seen over 50 million smokers switching over to e-cigs, millions of smokers are still throwing away their old smoking habit, yet, in the same time, medical experts are now touting that the medicinal benefits of e-cigs could be amazing.

Saints & Sinners 2015 Cigars

Saints & Sinners – private social club and a brainchild of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Sean ‘Casper’ Johnson of L’Atelier.

CigarPhoto posted an exclusive summary of the Saints & Sinners 2011 kit, 2012 kit, 2013 kit and 2014 kit.

The 2015 kit comes to us in a format of three sets / 5 cigars each. Total of 15 cigars – monster, prototypes and redux. I say this every year and this year is no different – this might be the best kit yet.

- click on photographs - 

DSC_9905 DSC_9910
DSC_9917 DSC_9918

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Saints & Sinners 2014 Cigars

Saints & Sinners – private social club and a brainchild of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Sean ‘Casper’ Johnson of L’Atelier.

CigarPhoto posted an exclusive summary of the Saints & Sinners 2011 kit, 2012 kit and 2013 kit.

The expectation was that each year will bring another kit filled with prototypes and regular production cigars. This time around Johnsons moved away from what they have done for the past 3 years and brought to the table three sets of 5 cigars. Some, if not all, will agree that the Saints & Sinners 2014 kit is the best yet. 

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DSC_6224 DSC_6226
DSC_6230 DSC_6228

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Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No.2

Cigar Review by Steve Royston (guest)
Cigar Photography by Jay L (

Jay’s Notes:

This week we are photographing and reviewing the Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2 – the latest exclusive 6 x 52 box-pressed torpedo for the Federal Cigar (*New Hampshire-based chain owned by Rick Gadway). This year’s commemorative cigar comes from well respected Oliva Cigar Company and has mysterious ties to Oliva Master Blends 1 and Oliva Master Blends 2. In addition, the Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2 has been sitting on the shelf as a potential project for the past ~10 years. It will be available for purchase on March 15th, 2014 at the Federal Cigar’s 93rd Anniversary Party.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 6”
Ring: 52


Steve’s Review:


Booze Up, a London UK based company, offers cigarettes near me, often delivered in under 30 minutes

With the looming 93rd Anniversary of Federal Cigar in New Hampshire, let’s take a look at this year’s commemorative cigar. First off, when I heard that this year’s cigar was going to be a “found” stick from the Oliva aging vault, my ears perked up. I mean, come on, an Oliva from the early Master Blends years? 10-11 years of sleep? Sign me up. Let’s begin. The most distinct aspect of this cigar is its look. A gorgeous, sandy brown sun grown wrapper with very minimal veins. The slight press is very attractive as well. An obvious difference, this year, is that they labeled it with a custom Federal Cigar band, which is very well done.

A ¼ inch cut gives way to a perfect draw for my liking. Just a slight tug. The cold draw is very mild with subtle barnyard notes. The light up is toasty and slightly creamy. A nice punchy spice on the retrohale. Half an inch into these drew estate cigars, there isn’t any change on what comes across the palate. Still very toasty and slightly creamy. The retrohale is where all the action is so far. The spice has stepped back just a little, but still has a little punch to it. It’s been backed up by a nice cedar bouquet. The finish has the softest touch of mocha to it and a faint clove spice. So far the burn is razor sharp and the ash is fairly even, pale gray with just a few dark spots. Passed the first inch, the upfront flavors are starting to pick up some steam. The toasty notes have shifted slightly to a breadier flavor. That clove spice from the finish has pushed its way more toward the front. The mouth feel has a very fine, silky grit to it; the kind that makes you want to keep sliding your tongue across the roof of your mouth. I am a cedar junkie and this cigar is delivering right now. The retrohale spice has toned way down and the cedar has come way up and has developed a slightly honeyed sweetness. This, combined with the bready and creamy characters, are really making a harmonious combination. After the halfway mark, black pepper is picking up across the palate and stays fairly distinct through the finish. It’s an interesting addition to the other flavors that have been coming through, which have stayed consistent at this point. Thus far, the cigar has been fairly firm to the touch. Now that I am coming into the finale the temperature is starting to rise a bit and the cigar has softened just a little. Not objectionable at this point. However, as the cigar has progressed, the spice has shot up and has a little bite to it. Again, not objectionable for me, but I could see many people ending the smoke at this point.

To close I will say that this cigar was very good. It was solid medium strength and full flavored throughout. I would suspect that in its early days, this cigar had some pretty good kick to it. Subtle hints of that still remain, but 10-11 years of age have tamed it down. It’s an aesthetically beautiful cigar from head to toe. Construction, draw, and burn were all near perfect. I prime example of the quality that Oliva has been, and is still able, to deliver. Until next time, happy smoking.


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* Oliva Master Blends 1
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* EP Carrillo Medalla D’Oro
* EP Carrillo Short Run 2010 No.4
* Tatuaje Federal Cigar 90th Anniversary 109 Rosado 

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Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2 Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2
Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2
Federal Cigar 93rd Anniversary Reserve No. 2

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Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

Saints & Sinners – private social club and a brainchild of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Sean ‘Casper’ Johnson of L’Atelier.

CigarPhoto posted an exclusive summary of the Saints & Sinners 2011 and the Saints & Sinners 2012 kits. 

The expectation was / is that each year will bring another kit filled with prototypes and regular production cigars. This week CigarPhoto is delivering an exclusive overview of the Saints & Sinners 2013 kit. In addition to prototypes and exclusive blends, Johnsons included the following regular releases in 2013 kit:

  • Tatuaje Regios Reserva 2013
  • Tatuaje Noella Reserva 2013
  • Tatuaje Belle Encre
  • Tatuaje Bon Chasseur
  • Tatuaje Black CG 2013
  • Tatuaje Cohete
  • La Dueña
  • L’Atelier Extension de la Racine

For an annual registration fee of $150, each member will receive:
1. Exclusive, one-off products available only to members (select products may not be available for purchase through the S&S webstore)
2. Everyday Tatuaje branded merchandise at the Saints & Sinners discounted club rate.
3. Access to members-only forums, where you can discuss the finer points of cigars, smoking accessories, spirits, and anything else associated with the Saints & Sinners lifestyle.
4. Access to the Pete Johnson video blog. Here, Pete will update members on everything PJHC. Watch Pete as he travels around the world, visiting his production facility in Nicaragua, engages fans on cigar tours, and dishes on anything else he feels his Saints & Sinners family should know.
5. First looks at new cigar blends, swag, as well as insider info on Tatuaje and other Pete Johnson brands.
6. The knowledge that a portion of your annual membership fee will go to an eclectic mix of charities that Pete chooses for their commitment to their particular cause.

- click on photographs - 
 Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars
Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars
Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

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