Today, July 22nd 2012, the cigar community gathered once again to recognize the special ‘JJ for JJ Day’ and to honor the memory of the ‘Little Robusto.’ For those who are not familiar with this tribute, ‘Little Robusto’, who passed away at the age of 3.5months from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), is the son of widely recognized and respected cigar blogger – Jerry Cruz ( This special day is recognized by smoking a cigar made by Don Pepin Garcia, appropriately called ‘Series JJ.’

In May of 2012, I had a pleasure of joining Jerry Cruz at the Drew Estate’s Cigar Safari trip in Nicaragua. During that trip, all attendees have visited the MyFather Cigars – the company behind Don Pepin Garcia ‘Series JJ’ Little Robusto project. Seeing Jerry Cruz talking & thanking Jaime Garcia and smoking the ‘Series JJ’ Little Robusto (as depicted below), was special, even for me – a fellow cigar enthusiast.

Take your time, enjoy your ‘Series JJ’ cigar and remember The ‘Little Robusto.’