What is cigarphoto.net about ? Why another cigar blog ? Fair questions …

There are many quality cigar blogs in the WWW universe. Some provide great educational experience, some walk their audience through cigar aficionado’s daily smoking peaks & valleys, and some concentrate on descriptive and wordy stogie & libation reviews. My goal is not to become another statistic but rather deliver something that is slightly different and in some ways, unique. The birth of cigarphoto.net is not to introduce competition but instead, foster collaboration. I foresee cigarphoto.net pulling links from other blogs to supplement my photography and in exchange, interested bloggers can point to cigarphoto.net to supplement their rich reviews with my art work.

This blog is a platform to share my two passions, hobbies, healthy addictions – cigar smoking and photography. I have been a cigar smoker for few years and enjoy a variety of brands. I don’t blindly subscribe to specific manufacturer(s) and enjoy all products as long as they deliver what I find to be important to me – flavor, aroma, and construction. In my humidor you will find Tatuaje, Illusione, Viaje, Padron, Fuente, Liga Privada, La Aurora, My Father, CAO, Oliva, Alec Bradley, Avo, Davidoff, Reinado and many other that should remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

In reference to photography, I bring a style that combines the visual impact of fine art photography with photojournalism. I have been a freelance photographer for 15+ years, working with various newspapers and contributing toward global magazine press. My creative past as a painter and mix media artist gives me the ability to create unique, exclusive and irreplaceable craft. I strive to capture “that” spontaneous moment which would show character, inner depth and uniqueness. I believe in “falling in love at the first sight” when looking at the photographs. The tools of trade – Nikon DSLRs, lenses, flashes, and other endless gadgets.

I believe in continuous improvement in every aspect of my life and cigarphoto.net is no exception. In order for this blog to grow, entertain, and perhaps educate, please share your thoughts below.

email: jay at cigarphoto.net
twitter: @jerseyjay

Enjoy your stay !
– Jay L