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Cigar Industry In Focus‘ series is back and in full swing. This week we are placing Andre Farkas of Viaje in focus.

This past friday I have attended an event at the Cigar Republic (NY) store – a retail face of the Atlantic Cigar Company. In attendance was Andre Farkas of Viaje and Paul Palmer of Casa Fernandez. The event was scheduled for the release of Viaje Exclusivo Lancero to recognize Atlantic Cigar Company’s 15th Anniversary.

I have never met Andre in person so this was a perfect opportunity to contribute towards ‘Cigar Industry In Focus‘ series. After brief introduction and random conversation, I have asked Andre for 5minutes of his time to execute a rapid photoshoot. Total darkness, 40° F, creepy corner, metal stairs – couldn’t ask for better studio! Andre expressed interest in photography as well so after brief photo chit-chat, we went to work. I always get the kick out of those cigar-puffing sessions. Even folks in the industry have a limit on how many times they can pull on the cigar to create that perfect, per photographer’s vision, cloud of smoke.

The vision – very simplistic setup to highlight facial expression and concentration, the act of lighting the cigar … and Andre’s signature – thick-frame glasses. Manual mode, high ISO (3200), quick adjustment to the focus point, external LED light, 10 frames … finito !

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