This week we continue with the ‘Cigar Industry In Focus‘ series and placing Thor Nielsen in focus.

The man requires very little introduction. If you follow premium cigar industry you will recognize his name as the owner of the Cigar Press magazine pushing the envelope to stay fresh and unique. The magazine screams art and out of the box presentation. David Nielsen’s (Thor’s father) drawings should not be missed. Ad’s are relevant and within reach for the average Joe.

Excerpt from the Cigar Press website:

Cigar Press premiered in June of 2007. It was founded in Los Angeles, California by Thor Nielsen, who currently lives in and produces Cigar Press out of Miami, FL. It can be found in cigar shops around the United States in all 50 states as well as other countries and cities such as Canada, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Great Britain, Brazil, Hong Kong, among others.

Cigar Press is undoubtedly a fresh approach to cigar-related print media. Everything from content to design is unique and approached with innovative style …

Cigar Press Magazine is the new voice for cigar related print media in the industry. While we appreciate the traditional aspect of the cigar industry, we are not always traditional in our own approach or style …

Cigar Press aims to provide unparalleled quality and truth in its photography, cigar tasting reviews journalistic, and artistic integrity. We dive into the cultural aspect of the countries and people who are involved in the cigar business. Each issue of Cigar Press is focused from beginning to end while being visually bold and daring … Each issue can feature interviews, factory tours, cartoons, products, cigar art, and other cigar-related subjects that the reader finds useful and entertaining … Beer and brewery tours can be found in most issues as well as travel features, events, cigar scene coverage and much more. We are innovative in design and style. Our mission is to educate our readers by engaging them in content while visually stimulating them.

Thor and I attended the Cigar Safari in Esteli, Nicaragua back in 2012. While touring Drew Estate’s factory, we had a pleasure of sampling freshly rolled ‘naked’ Feral Flying Pigs. As one would expect from the Drew Estate product, the sample produced so much smoke, it covered half of Thor’s face & upper body. The stage was right, the object was ready, photo props (cigar, black glasses, rock-style ring) were in the right place. Two frames later, I pulled of this dreamy-looking portrait which exposed only half of Thor’s face and glasses but covered the rest with a cloud of thick and “curly” smoke. Mysterious finish, just like the man himself.

Nikon D3 + 14-24mm f/2.8 (1/90sec / f/4.0 / 24mm)

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