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This weeks we are departing from boutique space and diving into classical cigar realm – La Aurora. In the hopper is one of Aurora’s special edition preferidos – a Brazilian Sun Grown covered ‘Ruby.’ Preferido, the cigar that paved the way for manufacturing in Dominican Republic back in 1903, is a perfecto shape vitola which expands to a thick center in the middle. In addition to visually pleasing shape and sweetness off the wrapper, the Special Edition red-jet metal tube adds another dimension to the product. From photographer’s perspective, I was really looking forward to incorporating the color, shape and finish of the metal tube into the ‘set.’

Holding 5/54 La Aurora Preferidos makes me want to see Liga Privada Flying Pig in the same vitola. That would be a pleasure to hold and smoke, wouldn’t it ? The ‘Ruby‘ itself is very well compacted and covered with extremely toothy wrapper. One visible vein with otherwise well blended seams. Initial few puffs produced extreme amount of smoke – thumbs up ! In flavor department, delicious sweetness mixed with wood and characteristics of leather. Throughout the cigar, and especially through retrohale and toward the end, fair amount of spice. Thick and razor sharp burn line, light grey and tight ash scored high in construction department. All around great experience, great cigar and stand up company.

From photographer’s perspective, as stated above, this was nothing but a pleasure. In the spirit of thinking ‘outside of the box‘, I went little extreme and incorporated snow (* yes, we still have snow) into the shoot. Sun rays immediately melted the snow and left spontaneously positioned water drops - bulls-eye.

Once again, got this cigar at my B&M shop – Ruben’s Smoke Stack.

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Brazilian Sun Grown
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Length: 5″
Ring: 54

Construction > Great
Burn > Great
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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