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This week we are reviewing another one of those ‘hard to find’ cigars – Oliva Master Blends in churchill size. This gem came and went many moons ago but I was able to purchase a five pack back in JAN2011 for $50 back. Every time I smoke Oliva Master Blends 3, there is at least one fellow smoker who will ask the same question “Did you ever try MB1 ?” Six months later I decided to pull them out and give them a try. I’m glad I did.

As stated in my Oliva Serie V No4 review, I have a soft spot when it comes to Oliva cigars but the original Master Blends, in my personal opinion, is the creme of the crop, full stop. Cigar’s construction was close to flawless. No visible seams with one not too obtrusive vein. After snipping carefully applied cap, I was introduced to perfect draw. Not too loose, not too tight, just how the doctor prescribed. Right off the bet, insane amount of smoke that made my photography session that much more enjoyable. Burn line was excellent with zero touch-ups throughout churchill 1:45min experience. Ash was nice and tight and would detach in 1.5″ chunks. In flavor department, this cigar shined like Chicago’s bean on a sunny day – that good ! Cigar kicked off with noticeable sweetness on the tip and subsequently turned into enjoyable nuttiness, chocolate and well balanced spice. Core flavors were present throughout the entire experience with chocolate turning into dark / bitter, but still enjoyable, chocolate. Interestingly enough, the amount of chocolate / sweetness reminded me of Cohiba Genios review. Whether that is another compliment or not, you be the judge.

Clearly, an enjoyable experience. I’m confident to take this even further and say that this is one of the best cigars I have smoked in 2011 and probably in my Top5 of cigars I have EVER smoked. I was trying to impress Dave Wagner – Oliva’s VP of Sales at a local Studio Tobac event with my Oliva Master Blends possession only to be told that Oliva has a substantial MB 1 /2  cushion. So much for my 5pack collection :). I have been told about ongoing Oliva Master Blends 1 / 2 resurrection plans. Let’s hope those come to fruition. When so, make sure you track a box, if not more.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 7″
Ring: 50

Construction > Great
Burn > Great
Enjoy > Absolutely !
Recommend > Absolutely !
Buy > Boxes !

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