This week we are photographing and reviewing the Oliva Master Blends 2 by Oliva Cigar Company. As the name implies, this is a sequel to an extremely successful Oliva Master Blends 1 release which we have summarized about 10 months ago. Oliva Master Blends 2, made in Tabacalera Oliva de Nicaragua S.A., hit the market in 2005 in the following vitolas: robusto, torpedo, churchill. Production run – 120,000 cigars total. Oliva Cigar Company deviated from nicaraguan puro blend and switched the wrapper in the Oliva Master Blends 2 to Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra.

Visually, Oliva Master Blends 2 robusto looked appealing. I continue to appreciate the semi-box pressed finish. Although there were some visible veins and not so tight seams, the cigar had a well applied cap and was tightly packed – no soft spots. Similarly to the predecessor, Oliva Master Blends 2 had the famous laser-etched logo imprinted right below the band. Unfortunately that unique identifier went away with the Oliva Master Blends 3 release. The laser-etched logo and visible veins looked relatively alike and formed a spider-like appearance around the wrapper. Neat ! Draw was perfect before and after the cigar was lit. In flavor department, not overly complex cigar but good solid hints of roasted nuts, dried fruit, and a touch of spiciness. Good draw produced copious amount of smoke which subsequently coated and dried the palate. The burn started off with a bit of waviness but finished on a ‘straight note.’ The ash was pretty firm and fell in 3/4″ chunks.

Oliva Master Blends 2 robusto was an enjoyable experience. Folks will agree that generally, sequels are never as successful as the original. Well, perhaps Godfather 2 might be one of those exceptions. Oliva Master Blends 2 was good but not as good as Oliva Master Blends 1 but then not a lot of cigars, in my personal opinion, are in the Oliva Master Blends 1 category. My taste buds preference order: Oliva Master Blends 1, 2, 3, as released. I hope that Oliva Master Blends 4 will break that chain. As of today, no updates on Oliva Master Blends 4 except – “in development.”

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 5″
Ring: 50

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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