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This week we are photographing and reviewing a prerelease follow-up to Pete Johnson’s (Tatuaje) Cojonu series – Tatuaje Cojonu 2012. Considering specifications, the Cojonu line underwent a major revamp. The 2012 release, based on Cojonu 2003, will be available in two different wrappers: Ecuadorian Sumatra & USA Broadleaf Connecticut. Today’s Cojonu ’03, ’06, ’09 are only available in Habano Ecuador wrapper (* initially wrapped in Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 wrapper). Both versions of Cojonu 2012 will come as 6.5″ x 52 box-pressed parejo vitolas. Depending on the weather, Cojonu 2012 is estimated to be released ~MAR2012 and will be the first Cojonu, for the USA market, to be made in Nicaragua. Pete Johnson is/was planning (based on comments received from Saints & Sinners forum) to release “… standard 25-count boxes for smokers who are interested in one wrapper and 10/10 boxes for those who are interested in both wrappers…” Both Cojonu 2012 box-pressed broadleaf & sumatra as well as Cojonu 2003 (* also box-pressed) prereleases are/were (?) available at local Tatuaje events. I recommend watching the following video recorded by Charlie from stogiereview.com in which he sat down with Pete Johnson and talked about future projects.

This week we have selected Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 broadleaf. Visually, one was introduced to a perfectly wrapped and triple capped cigar. No visible veins and minimal seams. Take relatively dark, rustic looking, oily, slightly toothy USA Broadleaf Connecticut wrapper, add box-pressed finish and you have a delicious looking chocolate bar. After clipping, absolutely perfect draw. In flavor department, pleasant array of flavors – spice lingering in a back of the throat, earthiness, woodiness and hints of coffee morphing into dark chocolate toward the end of the cigar. One would expect some sweetness out of the broadleaf but I wasn’t able to detect much, if any. The Cojonu 2012 was putting off massive amounts of smoke ! Burn – a bit wavy but tolerable and I expect this to improve with time. This is a prerelease after all.

Knowing that Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 was based on Cojonu 2003, I have decided to smoke the latter in preparation for this review. With box-pressed finish and different wrapper, I was expecting a different experience … and it was. If I was to rate Cojonu line, I would humbly place 2006 as my least favorite, 2009 as a close runner-up and 2003 as my favorite. 2003 and 2012 provided different experience, full stop. Both were good but in my personal opinion, I have enjoyed 2003 a tiny bit more. I’m a sucker when it comes to the broadleaf wrapper but perhaps I’m stuck on the 2003 classic blend. As stated above, the masses have spoken and asked for broadleaf finish as well as sumatra. Those that follow cigar industry know that sumatra wrapper is hot nowadays so I’m looking forward to Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 part 2 in which we will put Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper to the test.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: USA Broadleaf Connecticut
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 6.5″
Ring: 52

Construction > Great
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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