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Similar to Tatuaje ‘Anarchy’, Tatuaje Federal Cigar 90th Anniversary 109 Rosado is a collaboration between Pete Johnson and Rick Gadway of Federal Cigar to acknowledge Federal’s anniversary. This year Valentine’s Day gift was a 10-pack of rosado ‘chocolates.’ I called Federal’s store on 14FEB 10minutes before the official order time and got a chance to speak to Rick Gadway (owner) directly. Ricky was very passionate about his new project and described the cigar as smooth and refined, not your typical Pepin’s spice bomb.

After three weeks in the humidor, it was time to light this cigar up. Although I enjoy corona / robusto vitolas and usually don’t chase long / wide cigars, there was enough internet buzz about Tatuaje Federal Cigar 90th Anniversary 109 to add to already quickly growing Tatuaje Exclusive Series collection. On the outside, the construction of the reddish / brownish cigar was flawless. Closer inspection revealed slightly toothy wrapper with minimal veins. From flavor perspective, 1st third presented small amount of spice, touch of coffee and smooth smoke. 2nd third is where this cigar shined. Both normal puffs and retrohale presented something that I didn’t recall in too many cigars. I went down the Flavor Chart and pinned it to the Floral note. The flavor was more pronounced on the retrohale so I continued to retrohale every other puff to take advantage of this fairly unique experience. In addition to floral note, previously identified spice increased its intensity to more of a peppery, well pronounced spice. I was able to pin-point your typical wood / cedar and one of my favorite flavors – chocolate. Along with chocolate / coffee there was an obvious sweetness. Last third was more of the same but few levels down. Toward the end, however, sweetness and spice completely disappeared and were replaced with salty finish. From construction / burn perspective, 1st third definitely lacked a good amount of smoke. It took 2-4 puffs to get anything out of the cigar. Flood gates have opened in the 2nd third and the cigar was performing like a ‘choo-choo’ train. Excellent tight ash falling in 1″ chunks.

Overall, another great Tatuaje cigar. Kudos to Rick Gadway on well managed project. I called Rick roughly about a week after I made my purchase and expressed deep interest in Tatuaje Federal Cigar 90th Anniversary 109 Reserva – Rosado’s twin sister. Although I was disappointed with immediate ‘no, I can’t do it‘, I can appreciate an owner who is looking out for his local community & clientele and is rewarding them with a local-pick-up-only cigar.

If the size, flavor, construction … and photographs are something you might be interested in, give Rick Gadway a call @ 877-424-4270.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 7 1/4″
Ring: 50

Construction > Great
Burn > Good (* insufficient smoke in 1st third)
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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