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Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’ – homemade

Cigar Review by Steve Royston (guest)
Cigar Photography by Jay L (

This week we have something unique, literally. About two years ago, I reviewed Tatuaje ‘Pork  Tenderloin’ and found it to be one of the best if not the best Tatuaje releases ever. Unfortunately the Pork Tenderloin is now long gone and can be found for premium through the secondary market. Well, to avoid spending a fortune, Steve decided to “build” his own ‘Pork Tenderloin’ by taking Tatuaje J21 and covering it with Connecticut Broadleaf using Tatuaje Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf wrapper. Below is Steve’s experiment.


Very shallow cut gives the perfect draw, just a little tug. Dry taste is of amazing tobacco and some sweetness from the broadleaf. As soon as I lit up, I was bombarded with flavor. Spice across the palate and through the nose, cedar sweetness, and an aftertaste of rich mocha/cocoa. Just ¼ inch in, the spice on the retrohale has significantly intensified, really pushing this smoke towards full bodied and definitely full flavored. Along with this, the cedar and mocha have started to blend together to really create an orgy in my olfactory senses. The smoke has a nice creamy feel to it and leaves me craving the next puff. The retrohale on this smoke may just be the best I have ever experienced. Normally I would expect to be hit with spice up front and then be left with a lingering aftertaste. This cigar has managed to blend it all together and give me everything up front on one dish. The spice, cedar, and rich mocha/cocoa have become one homogenous flavor!

A full inch in, and much to my pleasure, it’s burning almost razor straight (pat on the back for myself). The intensity of the spice has really stepped back, allowing for the sweet, creamy, richness of the cedar and mocha/cocoa to be dominant. Wow, what an unpredictable smoke. The very next puff I took smacked me with strong spice again on the retrohale! I’m going into sensory overload with this one and I love it! Literally, puff to puff, it’s like someone is playing with the volume knob on the spice. It’s a very unique and enjoyable experience. At the same time, the richness and sweetness of the broadleaf are really shining through. Just past the halfway mark, spice has maintained intensity for the past half inch or so. The richness is certainly still present; however, the cedar notes have shifted from a sweet to more woody. The lingering aftertaste has developed a subtle flavor of dark caramel. Imagine it as a caramel that was pushed just to the very limits, just before it was about to burn, but still left rich and sweet. This instantly reminded me of the Frank Jr. Coming into the finish, the profile is remaining consistent, but a few puffs let some toasty, savory and floral notes slip through. As I’m nubbing this stick, trying not to burn my fingers, some nice dark roasted coffee bean flavors have come through. I am honestly sad to see this one go, but alas the time has come.

Final thoughts:
This was an experiment that I was handsomely rewarded for. In all honesty, this was one of the best Tatuajes I have ever smoked. And I smoke A LOT of Tatuajes. If anyone has ever rolled the idea around in their head, my suggestion is that you get off your ass and make it happen! You will not be disappointed in the least! If I had the financial resources, as much as I love them, I’d sacrifice a whole box of Cojonu 12 Reservas to make a box of these! I found the experiment to lack the “toasty” character when compared to the real deal. Both cigars had similar profiles and unleashed bold flavors of cocoa/mocha, caramel, cedar, cream, and a roller coaster ride of spice, albeit at different point. 


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Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’

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This week we are reviewing a Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin.’ Another B&M exclusive collaboration between Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Gloucester Street Cigar shop located in Boston, MA. As the name suggests, ‘Pork Tenderloin’ is part of the “Meat Locker” series which also includes Tatuaje ‘Porkchop’ release. I have not had a chance to try the latter but based on the feedback, ‘Pork Tenderloin’ has been labeled as the creme of the crop. Those that were fortunate enough to buy a bundle (* this cigar was not available in the box) are most likely hoarding this specimen or selling it and making a ridiculous profit. I have seen ‘Pork Tenderloin’ selling for $20-25 per stick vs. $8 when originally purchased via bundle.

From visual perspective, Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’ was a “good” looking cigar. On the cover, smooth and slightly oily wrapper with one visible vein and smooth seams. Triple cap finish with much appreciated pigtal. In addition, the cigar had a slight box-press finish to it and no band. On the cold draw, slight hint of spice. After lighting it up, the experience continued with excellent draw and just the right amount of spice. The first third introduced a hint of dark chocolate which ultimately morphed into a delicious and overwhelming, in a good way, amount of espresso. At times, it felt like I was sipping on cafecito instead of smoking a cigar. The burn wasn’t perfect at the beginning but improved with time. Ash, as depicted below, was white and fell off in ~1″ chunks.

I had extremely high expectations for Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’ and fortunately it delivered. It was probably one of the best Tatuaje cigars I have smoked and from my personal perspective, it did circles around Tatuaje Black (jar release). I honestly don’t remember where I was when this cigar was released but I know that I missed out, big time. If you can find a single, 5-pack or a box, don’t even think twice about it, buy it before I do !

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 5 1/8 ”
Ring: 52

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Absolutely !
Recommend > Absolutely !
Buy > Box-es worthy !

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