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2012 Halloween brought another “Monster Series” limited release. This year, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje introduced 5th installment called “The Mummy.”

Cut: Palio
Drink: Unsweetened Lipton cold brew iced tea
Palate: Fresh. Had not smoked for 4 days prior.

Prelight: As my eyes move from the ragged closed foot, they are drawn to the subtle color variations in the veining on the light brown Colorado wrapper. There are few prominent veins and the creasing is accentuated by reddish hues giving it a mottled and weather-beaten appearance. The wrapper is smooth to the touch, has very little oils, and a very fine tooth right up to the gorgeous triple cap. To sum up the overall appearance: crude rustic elegance. It’s definitely a “Monster.” The prelight aroma is rather unassuming and muted: mild cedar, straight tobacco, and light barnyard. The cold draw is in keeping with the prelight aroma: mild cedar, some raisin notes, sweet tobacco and light hay. Nothing screams bold or adventurous.

Draw: Comfortable and effortless. Balanced to the length of the cigar perfectly.

Flavors: Initial spice, but not the classic Pepin black pepper. It’s a woody spice up front with cedar predominating. There are distinct cinnamon and nutmeg notes balanced by leather and earth. The pepper(black/cayenne) comes on the retro, and it’s BIG! As I settled into the first third there is a core of cinnamon and cedar. Initially, the smoke is drying on the palate, but as the cigar starts to transition a wonderful sweetness emerges and softens the sharp woody edges. It’s not a dense, thick molasses sweetness. It’s a bit nebulous at first. It’s there, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s light and engaging. I’m hoping it continues to develop. The smoke becomes creamy and mellows on the palate. As I get into the second third the strength is consistent. On my palate it’s a medium minus. Flavors that continue to dominate are mild cedar and cinnamon and then that sweetness begins to take on a more defined role heading into the latter portion of the second third. I know what it is now. It’s fantastic. It’s graham cracker! As it transitions into the final third there are some fleeting herbal, grassy, and minty notes, but the cinnamon, cedar, and graham cracker are still center stage all the way to the nub.

Burn: Excellent. Two touch ups. The ash was a flaky salt and pepper and split in funky directions. The burn rate and temperature was spot on. Smoke production was good. Total smoke time was 2 hours.

Construction: Excellent.

Descriptive adjectives: Rustic Elegance, “Cinn-a-Monster”

Box worthy: Yes

Overall: Pleasantly surprised. Of the mini-monsters, the Mum was my least favorite. I was so underwhelmed, after my experience with it’s little brother, that I did a box split for the full size Mummy this year. That was a mistake!

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Criollo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Length: 7.75″
Ring: 48

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