This week we are photographing and smoking the Viaje Exclusivo in corona gorda format by Andre Farkas of Viaje. This specific vitola is not available for regular sale / distribution but it is available, fortunately, at Viaje events. Some have reported that Viaje Exclusivo CG was only available as a giveaway from Andre himself however at the latest Viaje event at the Cigar Republic (NY) store – a retail face of the Atlantic Cigar Company, I was able to purchase an entire bundle. The cost of the bundle – $220 / 25. Andre Farkas has confirmed that Viaje Exclusivo CG is available for sale at every Viaje event he attends. It is my understanding that the following Viaje cigars are available in the Exclusivo line:

Exclusivo Lancero – Atlantic Cigar Co 15th Anniversary (exclusive)
Exclusivo Robusto box-pressed – Tower Cigars 45th Anniversary (exclusive)
Exclusive Double Perfecto Double Edged Sword
Exclusivo Corona Gorda
Exclusivo Robusto
Exclusivo Shorts
Exclusivo Chiquito

Construction of the Viaje Exclusivo CG was visually pleasing with minimal veins and very tight seams. There is something about that ‘fancy’ finish and today’s cigar, like few other within that line, was sporting well applied pig-tail. The cigar had no soft spots and foot gave the impression of well bunched tobacco. After cutting and lighting, good draw with decent amount of smoke. In flavor department, blast of spice and blast of savory, rich earthiness. Similarly to Exclusivo Shorts, I was able to extract woody / leathery notes in the background. Definitely a noticeable increase in strength when compared to recently smoked Exclusivo Shorts or Exclusivo Tower 45th. As for as the burn and ash, pretty satisfactory experience, as depicted below.

I have put down 3 samples for this photo / review entry and although above comments are overall positive, I did wanted to mention the fact that the first sample had some not so favorable qualities. Not only did I experience that ‘alligator’ looking finish with the ash (similar to Exclusivo Shorts), the middle 2″ or so had a noticeable tunnel which negatively impacted the flavor department. Fortunately, the other two samples had no construction / burn hiccups. If you find the flavor profile up your alley and / or you are a Viaje Exclusivo fan, this is definitely a vitola to seek out. Considering how Viaje cigars are priced and what I have paid for the bundle, Exclusivo Corona Gorda is a no brainer.

Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Length: 5 5/8 ”
Ring: 46

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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