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Humidor Update (2011 Part 1)

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CigarPhoto.Net is now 6+ months into cigar photography, smoking, reviewing, etc. Although we occasionally receive pre-releases from various manufacturers, 99% of what is aging in our humidors came through our personal wallet. Back in JAN2011 we unveiled this blog and our Humidors. Few months and many boxes later, humidors/coolidor are packed to gills. As I said in my Intro, cigar researching and ultimately purchasing is as equally enjoyable as cigar smoking. Attending events, participating in online forums and social media, expending circle of fellow cigar ‘aficionados’ surely didn’t help in keeping this hobby in check. I’m actively thinking about cabinet humidor purchase (Aristocrat or Avello ?) to add an extra cushion. While this is in works, please find recent bulk arrivals. There was obviously a lot of singles that were purchased / smoked immediately that were not photographed for blog’s humidor update. However, you can keep track of those purchases and experiences via Facebook Fan Page and / or Twitter. Below boxes / 5packs came through random sources: Ruben’s Smoke Stack, Federal Cigars, Fume Cigars, Hava CigarShop, Saints & Sinners, Cigar Mas Fino, and various online cigar communities. Enjoy !

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Cigar BoxPass

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Cigar smokers are unique creatures. They share, give and don’t expect much in return. Not a lot of humans can say that about themselves. Fellow Brother Of The Leaf from SRFF forum – Tadd, organized a cigar boxpass. The concept is fairly simple. An organizer or a ‘host’ confirms a list of participants and starts off with X amount of cigars. Box travels from one smoker to another and folks take what they like and put what they think another BOTL would enjoy. Couple days ago box came to my house and I chose two cigars which I was looking for but have not had a chance to purchase: Mi Barrio and Illusione HL maduro. In return I contributed toward this ‘game’ with Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero, Tatuaje ‘Tattoo’, Cabaiguan Imperiales, and special gift for the host – Tatuaje ‘The Frank.’ Box will be shipped to another BOTL tomorrow and the ‘game’ will continue. This type of interaction keeps cigar smoking ‘fresh’ and creates camaraderie.

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