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For the lack of a better word, let’s call this page a ‘Candy Store.’ Cigar smoking is as equally enjoyable as cigar researching and ultimately purchasing. There is an army of cigar aficionados who are addicted, yes, addicted to cigar purchasing. Although I keep my addiction at bay, I have few singles stashed away to keep my humidors at decent level. As many others, my journey begun with a 50-count glass top humidor. Couple month later, I was putting ‘extra‘ cigars in tupperware containers. Next was Ravello 300-count humidor. When I unpacked it, I thought to myself “this is it, this hobby can’t get more addicted than that” … WRONG ! When you hobby begins to spin out of control and you are looking at cigar boxes, it is time for a permanent piece of furniture. I chose to follow the easy / DIY route and purchased 150QT cooler. Until I can get myself a professional looking Aristocrat humidor, good ‘ol Coleman will have to do the trick.

Tatuaje singles

Viaje singles

Special single cigars

Liga Privada - Dirty Rats

HDMs / H.Ups / VRs / Partagas / Misc

Bolivar / Monte / RASS

Tatuaje 'Monster Series' / Anarchy / Black Jar

Full cigar boxes

Full CC boxes

Ravello 300-count