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Saints & Sinners 2011 Cigars

This week we are delivering an exclusive overview of Saints & Sinners 2011 Cigars. For those of you who have been living under the rock for the past few months, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje has managed to add another project to his portfolio – Saints & Sinners private social club. The following information was copied from Saints & Sinners ‘Join Now’ section.

For an annual registration fee of $150, each member will receive:

1. Exclusive, one-off products available only to members (select products may not be available for purchase through the S&S webstore)
2. Everyday Tatuaje branded merchandise at the Saints & Sinners discounted club rate.
3. Access to members-only forums, where you can discuss the finer points of cigars, smoking accessories, spirits, and anything else associated with the Saints & Sinners lifestyle.
4. Access to the Pete Johnson video blog. Here, Pete will update members on everything PJHC. Watch Pete as he travels around the world, visiting his production facility in Nicaragua, engages fans on cigar tours, and dishes on anything else he feels his Saints & Sinners family should know.
5. First looks at new cigar blends, swag, as well as insider info on Tatuaje and other Pete Johnson brands.
6. The knowledge that a portion of your annual membership fee will go to an eclectic mix of charities that Pete chooses for their commitment to their particular cause.

One can visit the following link to preview what was included in 2011 Saints & Sinners kit. After the announcement and shippment, many wondered about the blend and thought process behind each S&S label (* excluding regular production obviously). Some probably have not smoked their share and have been patiently waiting for more information to be announced. Well, for those, today is their lucky day. Each photograph contains: Name, Base, Wrapper, Binder, Filler and some, if applicable, Size and Other notes. Remember, ‘smoke ’em if you got ’em.

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Cigar BoxPass

- click on photographs - 

Cigar smokers are unique creatures. They share, give and don’t expect much in return. Not a lot of humans can say that about themselves. Fellow Brother Of The Leaf from SRFF forum – Tadd, organized a cigar boxpass. The concept is fairly simple. An organizer or a ‘host’ confirms a list of participants and starts off with X amount of cigars. Box travels from one smoker to another and folks take what they like and put what they think another BOTL would enjoy. Couple days ago box came to my house and I chose two cigars which I was looking for but have not had a chance to purchase: Mi Barrio and Illusione HL maduro. In return I contributed toward this ‘game’ with Tatuaje Black Petit Lancero, Tatuaje ‘Tattoo’, Cabaiguan Imperiales, and special gift for the host – Tatuaje ‘The Frank.’ Box will be shipped to another BOTL tomorrow and the ‘game’ will continue. This type of interaction keeps cigar smoking ‘fresh’ and creates camaraderie.

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