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On July 21st, 2011 we have announced a ‘JJ for JJ Day’ Tribute / Contest. The rules were simple – “On July 22nd, 2011, gather virtually with the rest of the cigar community and smoke a Don Pepin Garcia ‘Series JJ’ (* or one of the MyFather Cigars). Take a photograph of yourself smoking a ‘Series JJ’ cigar and submit it via email to jay at cigarphoto.net.” Although the announcement went live fairly late, a lot of cigar smokers were eager to participate and show much appreciated support. Submissions for the contest were sent by people from different walks of life: cigar brand owners, cigars reps, cigar bloggers, cigar smokers, etc.

The announcement of such Tribute carried a bittersweet feeling for obvious reasons but after Jerry’s blessing, ‘My Father Le Bijou 1922’ contest went live. Before we announce the winner, I would like to share with all of you, few, very kind and emotional words that came directly through my mailbox. I’m sure Jerry Cruz and his family will appreciate them as well:

Sebastian C – My first son past away 30 days from SIDS and I know the effects of this first-hand! Don’t know if I can find a “JJ” series in my area but I will definitely try! If not I will still smoke something in honor of his son! God Bless Him and His Family – Long Ashes to everyone!

Shawn P – I had a nephew who passed away at 20 months old. On his headstone it reads: “Playing with the Angels”.
Now, me being a father of a 5month baby girl, this day really hits home to me. I couldn’t imagine the loss of my daughter and my heart goes out to Jerry and his family today.

William C – I typically don’t enter contests, but this is obviously an exception. In the spirit of things, if by some chance I am the lucky one, I’d like to donate the box to the troops or someplace else.

Jon H – Let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Very generous and thoughtful of you. It’s people such as yourself that make me grateful to be involved in this industry.

Barry S – This year I am making a donation to the American SIDS Institute in memory of Jermiah Cruz Jr for $100. To all those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, I remind you, “Those who we keep in our hearts, are with us forever”.

Ben L – As a father myself, this is gut wrenching. Thank you for your support.

David J – Today is the 4th Annual Smoke a JJ for JJ Day, begun by our friend, Jerry Cruz of Stogie Review in honor of his son, JJ, who would celebrating his 4th birthday today if his life were not cut short by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). If you have money to spare, consider sending a donation to the American SIDS Institute.

Mitch G – With the hopes that no parents will have to endure a loss like this again.

Jacob K – I had the Serie JJ Robusto and Serie JJ Maduro Robusto. One in honor of each of my young children and both in remembrance to JJ Cruz.

Rhonda B – My heart goes out for all who are affected by SIDS.

Matt M – If by some chance I win, I don’t want the cigars. Ship them to Jerry.

Charly G – As a father like you (Jerry), I’ve been smoking the stick and thinking about how fortunate I am to have my daughter in my life. All life is precious, no matter how big, how small, how short, or how long. I wish you (Jerry) and your family the absolute best.

And the winner of the My Father Le Bijou 1922 ‘petit robusto’ box is … Jacob K (image # 23)

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