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CigarPhoto in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

CigarPhoto is coming back from a well deserved vacation in pleasantly warm Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Although we have stayed in one of the chain hotels (Iberostar), a trip to Playa del Carmen was added to the itinerary to visit two cigar shops – La 5ta Habano (shop owned by fellow Friends Of Habanos member) and La Casa del Habano. The purpose of that visit wasn’t so much about stocking up but more about going to the store, buying a cuban cigar (legally), ordering mojito with Havana Club Anejo 7 rum and … relaxing.

I was able to accomplish exactly that at the La Casa del Habano. Between mojito sips, I was able to take few photographs and scope out price tags – scary, as expected. I was quoted $850 for a box of Trinidad Fundadores !!! Everything across the board was super overpriced and if I lived in Mexico, I wouldn’t be smoking cuban cigars unless I was paying wholesale. On the way back I stopped at the La 5ta Habano. Great, but very small, shop. Rush Blakely (the owner) has expanded his selection to include non-cubans as well. Refreshing strategy, considering every other Joe will be most likely looking for the forbidden Cohiba.

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Caribbean region without seeing fakes cuban cigars. Your “standard” glass-top selection was readily available on the main drag. Casa Partagás was selling Siglo VI tubes for $50 each ! Iberostar hotel had a dedicated cigar lounge with decent cigar selection. Unfortunately, once again, way overpriced. I skipped their stock but couldn’t say no to unlimited and free amount of Havana Club Anejo 7 rum. Bliss ! Airport’s Duty Free wasn’t any different. I had to double check with their customer service if prices were in Mex$ or USD$. A box of Cohiba for 900 USD$ tapped it all.

Bottom line, bring your own ! If you smoke cuban cigars exclusively, bring them down as well unless you are willing to pay $25 for Monte #2.

La Casa del Habano

5ta Avenida con Calle 26 No. 301, L-2 Colonia
Xaman-Ha, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, México.
Phone: 52 (984) 803 3001

La 5ta Habanos (owner: Rush Blakely)
Corner of 5th avenue (Quinta) and Constituyentes
Phone: 9841111873


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Cohiba lanceros

It is time for another ‘forbidden fruit. This week we are photographing and reviewing the one and only – Cohiba lanceros. This Laguito No.1, wrapped in leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region, was initially an exclusive to Cuban regime and used as a diplomatic gift to other Heads of States. The cigar was officially named around 1969 and became commercially available around 1984. Currently it is available in a box of 25 / 50 and a pack of 3 / 5. Obviously there are special releases like Commemorative Humidors and count in those will vary. Two samples smoked for this reviewed came from JUN2001 release and were wrapped in a Standard Band C vs current Band D. Main differences: non-embossed paper / dot rows / La Habana vs. Habana / orange-ish vs. yellow finish (depicted below).

Visually, just like the Cohiba Siglo VI, was not that spectacular. Nothing like Cohiba Behike. Decent construction with clearly visible seams & veins. I did not feel any hard or soft spots upon further inspection. After clipping the cap and lighting the cigar, I was introduced to a relatively tight draw which continued to improve throughout the smoke. In flavor department, the Cohiba lanceros was full of grassy and floral notes as well as hints of woodiness and nuttiness. Definitely a noticeable creamy finish to the smoke. The ash was fairly long considering lancero format, yet a bit “dirty” / dark grey. There was a decent amount of smoke output, especially after draw opened up.

Overall, good experience. I continue to enjoy properly rolled lanceros with good burn and good draw. Personally I wouldn’t purchase a box but I would definitely add few to occasional rotation.

Country of Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Length: 7.6″
Ring: 38

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Yes

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Cohiba Behike 54

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Back at the beginning of FEB2011, I kicked off the Cigar Photography blog with few Cohiba Behike 54 photographs and I promised to come back to this cigar in June. The time has come ! I wanted this 5 pack to sit for at least 6 months to get recommended rest. Box Date is JUN2010, it was added to my collection back in DEC2010 and it was pulled out in JUN2011. In addition, my son turned 1 at the beginning of June and I wanted to celebrate his birthday with something different. Cohiba Behike was selected to be that lucky specimen. Enough of the history !

In visual appearance department, Cohiba Behike is definitely an attractive cigar. A very unique band and carefully applied pigtail add that extra umph to the overall package. Although there were some visible seams and veins, I was laser focused on the band and overall presentation. The cigar was rolled very well without any noticeable soft / hard spots. Draw was slightly snug for my preference but I did notice improvement with time. As for as burn goes, I was not impressed. I can appreciate the fact that we are smoking hand-made products but I have smoked many cigars at fraction of the cost which were razor-sharp. Cohiba Behike was far from it. It had its ups and downs, burned straight, then went wavy, then corrected itself, then back to wavy, etc. In flavor department, definitely spice from the beginning to finish with a peak in the middle. I was able to extract woody, earthy, and slightly chocolaty notes throughout the experience. Creamy in texture smoke was very limited up front but increased in volume with time.

Now, one will probably ask the obvious – Is it worth the price tag of $40 ?. In my personal and humble opinion, no ! I pulled the cigar out of the box with extremely high expectation and at the end, I was left disappointed. Did it burn ok ? Tasted ok ? Looked ok ? Absolutely Yes ! Did it delivery 4 times the experience of $10 cigar ? Absolutely Not ! I have split the box with a friend and unfortunately his experience was the same. I poked around the net and found mixed feedback. Some swear by it, some are aligned with my thoughts. Clearly I’m not the only one. I’m glad I still have 4 left and I plan on smoking them to recognize my son’s birthdays. I would recommend trying at least 1-2 Cohiba Behikes but I would certainly not chase a box.

Country of Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Length: 5 3/5″
Ring: 54

Construction > Great
Burn > Decent
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > Couple singles (* N/A in USA *)

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