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Cigar Industry In Focusseries is back and in full swing. This week we are placing Pete Johnson of Tatuaje in focus.

About a month ago I drove down to Holt’s Cigar Company in Philadelphia to hang out with fellow cigar aficionados, talk cigars, smoke cigars, and breath cigars. I knew that Pete was stopping by as well so I grabbed my trusty Nikon, couple lenses, flashes and took T-Pike South to famous Philly. There is definitely a lot of Tatuaje followers out there so getting that 15min to pull a quick photoshoot came with patience. Holt’s itself was packed so the only option was outdoor / busy Walnut Street “studio.” Pete had no objections and moved like a ‘seasoned model’ in front of the camera. After few up-close, side, from-the-back frames, we were all done and working through the rest of Tatuaje stogies.

In reference to Pete / Tatuaje, we were busy chatting about released products, upcoming prototypes, Saints & Sinners project so no official interview. Having said that, I read an interview that Pete did with Cigar Press Magazine back in 2007 that folks should re-visit.

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