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It is time for another ‘forbidden fruit.’ This week we are photographing and reviewing Hoyo de Monterrey Edicion Limitada 2003. Looking across HdM, this was the first and is one of the figurado shaped Edicion Limitadas.

From cubancigarwebsite
2000 – Edición Limitada – Grand Corona 47 x 235 (9.3″)
2003 – Edición Limitada – Pyramid 52 x 156 (6.1″)
2004 – Edición Limitada – Robusto Extra 50 x 141 (5.6″)
2007 – Edición Limitada – Corona Extra 46 x 137 (5.4″)
2011 – Edición Limitada – Petit Pyramid 46 x 135 (5.3″)

Visually, one is introduced to a relatively dark, aged for 2 years, oily wrapper with a lot of visible veins and seams. After clipping it, excellent draw. Considering inconsistency and construction problems, good draw in a cuban cigar puts a smile on my face. Great start ! Pleasing flavors right out of the gate. Enjoyable chocolate morphed into an espresso like taste. In addition, I was able to extract a bit of cinnamon, woodiness, and hints of sweetness on the lips. To balance it, there was a hint of spice / pepper, especially toward the end. Along with a great draw and a bit unexpected, thick, rich smoke that made photography session that much more enjoable. The burn line was a bit wavy at first but then corrected itself and progressed exceptionally well. The ash, as depicted below, was simply superb.

I absolutely enjoyed Hoyo de Monterrey Edicion Limitada 2003. Considering sweet chocolaty flavors, this cigar reminded me of Cohiba Genios and its maduro characteristics. I had couple samples of HdM EL ’03 couple years ago and recall similar experience. After reading latest reviews on this specimen, I was expecting a lot less flavors and strength. Although I agree with the latter, I believe that this pyramid is still packing quite a bit of flavor. If you can find singles or a box, I strongly recommend it.

Country of Origin: Cuba
Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Length: 6.1″
Ring: 52

Construction > Good
Burn > Great
Enjoy > Absolutely
Recommend > Absolutely
Buy > Absolutely

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