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This week we are reviewing a Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin.’ Another B&M exclusive collaboration between Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Gloucester Street Cigar shop located in Boston, MA. As the name suggests, ‘Pork Tenderloin’ is part of the “Meat Locker” series which also includes Tatuaje ‘Porkchop’ release. I have not had a chance to try the latter but based on the feedback, ‘Pork Tenderloin’ has been labeled as the creme of the crop. Those that were fortunate enough to buy a bundle (* this cigar was not available in the box) are most likely hoarding this specimen or selling it and making a ridiculous profit. I have seen ‘Pork Tenderloin’ selling for $20-25 per stick vs. $8 when originally purchased via bundle.

From visual perspective, Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’ was a “good” looking cigar. On the cover, smooth and slightly oily wrapper with one visible vein and smooth seams. Triple cap finish with much appreciated pigtal. In addition, the cigar had a slight box-press finish to it and no band. On the cold draw, slight hint of spice. After lighting it up, the experience continued with excellent draw and just the right amount of spice. The first third introduced a hint of dark chocolate which ultimately morphed into a delicious and overwhelming, in a good way, amount of espresso. At times, it felt like I was sipping on cafecito instead of smoking a cigar. The burn wasn’t perfect at the beginning but improved with time. Ash, as depicted below, was white and fell off in ~1″ chunks.

I had extremely high expectations for Tatuaje ‘Pork Tenderloin’ and fortunately it delivered. It was probably one of the best Tatuaje cigars I have smoked and from my personal perspective, it did circles around Tatuaje Black (jar release). I honestly don’t remember where I was when this cigar was released but I know that I missed out, big time. If you can find a single, 5-pack or a box, don’t even think twice about it, buy it before I do !

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 5 1/8 ”
Ring: 52

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Absolutely !
Recommend > Absolutely !
Buy > Box-es worthy !

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