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Studio Tobac 2012 Event-Only Release

This week, CigarPhoto is displaying, not reviewing, Studio Tobac’s 2012 Event-Only releases. Below is the outcome of a commissioned assignment CigarPhoto did for Studio Tobac back in May of 2012.

During 2011 Studio Tobac Tour, attendees at each event had a chance to participate in a raffle with one custom Studio Tobac Scrimshawed Xikar Xi3 cutter body (* made by Rick “HutcH” Hutchings) as the grand prize. There was also the infamous and relatively strong ‘Donkey Punch’ upon “special” request. 2012 Studio Tobac World Tour, in addition to the Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2012, brought two event-only releases: Cain NUb Daytona 460 & Cain Special Release 550. Those were given out to the two winners of the grand prize at each event.

From Bryan “The Show” Scholle – Studio Tobac’s Ambassador:

  • The Cain Special Release 550 cigar was designed with a small rare batch of Ligero we had in the factory. We did not have enough to use for a normal production cigar or even a small batch release. We had enough to make 800 cigars total.
  • Both Cain NUb Daytona 460 & Cain Special Release 550 will never be available as regular production.
  • There are no more boxes of these cigars available. We used them all during events.
  • We are currently working on new stuff for 2013

The following are makeup / specs of each cigar:

Cain NUb Daytona 460 (4 x 60)
amount available – 800 cigars / 80 boxes
wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra
binder – Nicaraguan
filler – Jalapa Valley Ligero, Nicaragua

Cain Special Release 550 (5 3/4 x 50)
amount available – 800 cigars / 80 boxes
wrapper – Nicaraguan Habano
binder – Nicaraguan
filler – Nicaraguan Ligero (small rare batch)


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Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2012

This week we are photographing, not reviewing, the latest project from Studio Tobac’s stable – ‘Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2012.’ This is the sequel to last year’s ‘Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2011.’ Studio Tobac LE samplers are available exclusively at Studio Tobac events during Studio Tobac World Tour. It is unknown at this point if any cigar out of the 2012 sampler will ever see the ‘regular production’ light but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Cain F lancero Déjà vu. I have yet to sample the content of the Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2012 to pick my favorite but I do have a specimen lined up for near future review. Stay tuned !

Although slightly delayed but honest Thank You goes to Bryan Scholle and Studio Tobac family for sending over this Studio Tobac Limited Edition Sampler 2012 !

The following are makeup of each cigar (* thanks for Bryan Scholle) and dimensions:

NUB USA (4×60)  / FULL
- undisclosed (made with “USA tobacco”)

Cain F Maduro (5 x 50) / FULL
- wrapper – San Andreas maduro
- binder – Nicaragua
- filler – Nicaragua ligero

ST – EFG01 (5×50) / MILD-MEDIUM (Concept Blend)
- wrapper – Ecuador Connecticut
- binder – Nicaragua
- filler - Nicaragua

Cain Daytona Maduro Figurado (6×60) / MEDIUM
- wrapper - San Andreas maduro
- binder - Nicaragua
- filler - Nicaragua Jalapa ligero

ST – 002 (6×50) / FULL (Concept Blend)
- wrapper – Habano
- binder - Nicaragua
- filler - Nicaragua

Cain Daytona lancero (7×38) / MEDIUM
- wrapper – Ecuador Habano
- binder - Nicaragua
- filler - Nicaragua Jalapa ligero



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Bryan Scholle of Studio Tobac

This week we are placing Bryan Scholle of Studio Tobac in focus.

This photoshoot was executed back in 2011 in Montclair, NJ during 2011 Studio Tobac Tour. I have contact Bryan via Twitter and asked if he would be interested in few simple, without studio lights, camera clicks. We were both game ! The Studio Tobac Tour is about Bryan Scholle and The Car (2011 – Special Edition 2011 Touring Corvette Convertible), like Michael Knight and the K.I.T.T. Despite limited parking and working space (* I was literally crouching on the 2-way busy street), we got few good frames worthy Bryan’s wall. The highlight of the photoshoot had to be the ‘flipping bird’ LOL ! Imagine: North Jersey attitude, jealousy, sick Corvette, two young cats (Bryan and I) posing in front of the car, Dave Wagner (Oliva’s VP of Sales) standing in the middle of the street with an iPhone taking pictures … it only made sense to ‘Flip a Bird’ toward our way, right ? Yep … it happened. We laughed it off and continued smoking Studio Tobac’s latest releases.

2012 Studio Tobac Tour is now in full swing. Check Studio Tobac’s website for latest updates.

Bryan “The Show” Scholle – Bryan has been enjoying fine cigars since 2006, which started as an occasional hobby but quickly formed into a very strong passion. Bryan started with Oliva family in February 2010 as an account executive covering the West Florida Territory. Bryan started his sales career for Coca-cola following in his grandfathers footsteps. He was inducted into the Top Performers Club in 2004 for being Salesman of the year for Florida. Then in 2008 Bryan followed his passion and went to work for a Tampa based cigar shop named Tampa Humidor, which also is 1 of 2 Oliva Lounges in the USA. Bryan’s passion and knowledge for cigars grew during his years that he worked there. Bryan grew up with a very supportive family and group of friends that always told him to “aim for the stars…” , with this support he has been able to accomplish many great things in his short life. Bryan is very excited to be named Studio Ambassador for Studio Tobac, and can’t wait to get out on the open road and to a tobacconist near you very soon. – Studio Tobac website


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Big Smoke New York 2011

In 2011, and for the first time, I had a pleasure of attending the Big Smoke event in the New York. Similarly to Great Smoke, Cigar Fest, Cigar Expo and all other cigar events held across Good Ole US of A, Big Smoke offered a unique opportunity for cigar lovers to meet and celebrate the pleasures of smoking fine, handmade cigars alongside fellow aficionados and representatives from the cigar industry. The 2011 Big Smoke event, held at the Pier 92, was full of cigar icons, political figures, sport stars, and tons of cigar aficionados. I, personally, have spent most of my time with the Studio Tobac family – Bryan Scholle, Ian Hummel and Dave Wagner. Cain F lanceros, few glasses of Zaya & Ron Zacapa, friendly atmosphere, great camaraderie, couldn’t ask for more ! Well, actually, I wouldn’t mind photographing former New York city mayor – Rudy Giuliani ! Luckily, I did :) Rudy Giuliani did stop at the Studio Tobac booth and with some assistance from both Bryan Scholle & Ian Hummel, sparked one of the NUBs. Although this wasn’t a participative photo session, I was able to pull of couple decent frames. I’m definitely looking forward to 2012 Big Smoke event in the New York.

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Studio Tobac Exclusive Collection

This week we are photographing, not reviewing, the latest project from Studio Tobac’s stable – ‘Exclusive Collection.’ I was gifted this sampler by Ian Hummel – Oliva’s Regional Sales Manager couple weeks ago at the Big Smoke in NYC. The concept of the Exclusive Collection was born during Studio Tobac’s Executive Board meeting at the IPCPR. There were 500 boxes made. The Exclusive Collection is shipping now and will be offered to the top Studio Tobac retailers in the US – $120 per box MSPR. The box itself contains 9 cigars: 4 x Cain F lancero, 4 x Cain Daytona lancero, 1 x Culebra.

Cain Daytona lancero (* Nicarguan Cigar of the Year by the European Cigar Journal)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Jalapa ligero
Length: 7″
Ring: 38

Cain F lancero
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 7″
Ring: 38

Culebra – a special, custom blend exclusive to the Collection.

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* Studio Tobac Tour

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