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Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

Saints & Sinners – private social club and a brainchild of Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Sean ‘Casper’ Johnson of L’Atelier.

CigarPhoto posted an exclusive summary of the Saints & Sinners 2011 and the Saints & Sinners 2012 kits. 

The expectation was / is that each year will bring another kit filled with prototypes and regular production cigars. This week CigarPhoto is delivering an exclusive overview of the Saints & Sinners 2013 kit. In addition to prototypes and exclusive blends, Johnsons included the following regular releases in 2013 kit:

  • Tatuaje Regios Reserva 2013
  • Tatuaje Noella Reserva 2013
  • Tatuaje Belle Encre
  • Tatuaje Bon Chasseur
  • Tatuaje Black CG 2013
  • Tatuaje Cohete
  • La Dueña
  • L’Atelier Extension de la Racine

For an annual registration fee of $150, each member will receive:
1. Exclusive, one-off products available only to members (select products may not be available for purchase through the S&S webstore)
2. Everyday Tatuaje branded merchandise at the Saints & Sinners discounted club rate.
3. Access to members-only forums, where you can discuss the finer points of cigars, smoking accessories, spirits, and anything else associated with the Saints & Sinners lifestyle.
4. Access to the Pete Johnson video blog. Here, Pete will update members on everything PJHC. Watch Pete as he travels around the world, visiting his production facility in Nicaragua, engages fans on cigar tours, and dishes on anything else he feels his Saints & Sinners family should know.
5. First looks at new cigar blends, swag, as well as insider info on Tatuaje and other Pete Johnson brands.
6. The knowledge that a portion of your annual membership fee will go to an eclectic mix of charities that Pete chooses for their commitment to their particular cause.

- click on photographs - 
 Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars
Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars
Saints & Sinners 2013 Cigars

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Tatuaje ‘M80’

- click on photographs (slideshow / EXIF)- 

In the spirit of celebrating 4th of July with explosives and smoke, I followed my fellow cigar smokers and decided to pull couple Tatuaje ‘M80’ samples. This powerhouse cigar is another exclusive collaboration between Pete Johnson of Tatuaje and Dave Garofalo of 2 Guys Smoke Shop. Similar to many other Tatuaje exclusives, M80 arrived in quantity of 333 boxes and sold out in a matter of days. The expectation that was set for Tatuaje M80 was: full, bold, power, spice … yes, if you are a mild connecticut aficionado, you should skip this release. Visually, this cigar along with carefully applied pigtail, or I should say long fuse, resembles its predecessor – Don Pepin Garcia ‘Firecracker.’ There are few other firecracker look-alikes in the cigar industry. I collected and photographed four of them for your viewing pleasure (* see below photograph / left to right: Don Pepin Garcia ‘Firecracker’; Tatuaje ‘M80’; 601 ‘La Bomba’; Viaje ‘TNT’). Clearly, no longer a novelty.

Let’s take a look at the Tatuaje ‘M80’ in more details. The construction of this petite robusto is excellent. No visible seams and one not too obtrusive vein. Packed to the gills, feeling like one solid piece of handmade art. Right from the start, good amount of smoke throughout the entire experience. Couple touch-ups along the way but no negative impact on the bottom line. To my surprise, I was able to extract some sweetness on more than one occasion. Perfect complement to obvious spice and heavy ‘dark’ flavors. Speaking of dark … when I think of dark chocolate, I think of few recently smoked cigars: Oliva Master Blends 1 & Cohiba Genios. Tatuaje ‘M80’ takes dark chocolate to another level. Very heavy, full, bordering bitter, dark chocolate. Somewhere in between, slight hint of leather. Tatuaje ‘M80’ was blessed with tight and light grey ash falling in one inch chunks.

This was indeed a different experience. I faced Tatuaje ‘M80’ right after heavy dinner so I have to blame lack of expected nicotine buzz on a) full stomach or b) immune system. Nevertheless, if you enjoy full body cigars with Nicotine Powder and ‘dark’ flavors, Tatuaje ‘M80’ should definitely be up your alley.

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 4″
Ring: 52

Construction > Good
Burn > Good
Enjoy > Yes
Recommend > Yes
Buy > 5-pack

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